snakeskin leggings

evleo leggings, forever 21 top, urban og heels

So, Evleo has the most amazing leggings/pants in the entire world and I am not kidding. I don't know how I didn't know about the brand before but when I was enlightened...I was really enlightened. For me finding a pair of pants that fits all of my requirements is typically a mission impossible problem. I can never find any that fit me flatteringly and comfortably and at the same time aren't for girls who are 6 feet tall (I don't know if you've noticed but I'm short.) BUT EVLEO PANTS DO FIT ME PROPERLY. They hug me in the way that I want to be hugged and at the same time, look at how freaking cool I look!

I apologize for being missing again. Finding an apartment in Los Angeles is not easy. Los Angeles is not easy in general. However, everyone who is here is here for a reason, including me.


a place like this

forever 21 bikini top, one teaspooon bikini bottom

I shot with my friend Lee at Malibu yesterday. I was rolling around in the mud like a worm of sorts. Which is kind of really gross, but, HEY COOL PICS. It was pretty impromptu. I was definitely not expecting to take photos but I'm so glad we did. Looking forward to shooting more often with Lee.

Photos by Lee Gumbs



forever 21 pleated white maxi dress, missguided white platform heels

I'm into this dress because it reminded me of some classical Greek sculptures and I feel like a majestic princess or something corny like that when I wear it. I was also told it looks like a bridal shower dress? I don't know. It also comes in red, which I love. Maxi dresses and skirts are just perfect for being too lazy for pants but still looking mighty fancy. How 'bout that World Cup, guys? I was at work during the last game. Did you watch it?

Photos by Andrea Murillo.


baby blue baby

floral crop top, baby blue pants, and white chunky heels all from missguided

I've been experimenting with wearing more colors lately. I love the baby blue and white combination. These pants are pretty awesome. I like wearing them baggy with a crop top. This whole outfit is from Missguided. I am in love with Missguided. If I would wear every single item from their site, I would. While driving around looking for a cute spot to take these photos at, I found these little apartments that matched my color scheme, and I was all "bam." I wish I lived in a cute little pastel colored house or apartment. Maybe sometime.

Photos by Andrea Murillo.