grey and mini

forever 21 cardigan, black turtleneck, grey bodycon mini skirt, small heeled strappy sandals

Photography by Lizzeth

I don't know if you guys noticed but I don't wear much jewelry. Jewelry is obviously a great way to make things more interesting but I like to keep it down to a minimum. Usually, I only wear my Movado. I used to wear tons of jewelry. I've had my nose pierced since the 8th grade. I bought a five dollar piercing kit from Sally's Beauty Supply and did it myself. A little crazy and spontaneous but that can be my personality sometimes. I've been thinking of wearing my nose ring again after looking at this website called Fresh Trends. Tons of options for nose rings. I always find myself going back to it again. The hole really never closes for some reason. Also, I have quite a few freckles on my nose so I don't mind.

Remember how I was talking in my last post about wearing more sensible shoes? Well these look sensible but they're not. They hurt like hell. Thats because of the backs digging into my achilles tendon. I wore them the first night that I bought them out in Downtown Orlando right after Christmas and immediate regret. I mean what is the point of wearing low heels if they hurt? I found a few more options below for you guys, though, that don't seem as demonic.