February 24, 2015

you ain't got the juice like that

yoins black hoodie dress, nadia's stlleto patent wrap up heels

Photography by Frankie White

Nadia has been staying with me all week and I've been incredibly happy and productive. Its been so much fun and I don't know how I'm going to deal with her going back to the east coast in a week. :( Sad girl.

This hoodie dress is from Yoins. It kind of looks like its a hoodie and skirt combo but its connected. Super comfortable. The big drawstrings at the hood are my favorite part. Wore it with a pair of Nadia's awesome heels that I have to take advantage of wearing while she's in my presence.

February 18, 2015

olive juice or olive you

olive green tobi maxi dress, brandy melville mini skirt, urban og one strap heels

Photography by Frankie White

Olive green is one of my favorite colors to wear because it looks good on me when I'm the color of standard printer paper and when I'm the color of twenty year old printer paper (slightly tan.) Maxi length things are beginning to take up a sizable portion of my closet. So versatile. I could definitely switch up this look with some black boots and wear it to go frolic at the grocery store or go with no shoes in a field of freakin' flowers. I love how vast my vocabulary is. I am a genius.

February 15, 2015

know yourself

tobi white floral and sheer bodysuit, h&m a-line skater black skirt, missguided heels

Photography by Frankie White

Hey y'all. Just a quick post before I go off to my civilian job. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend. I thought this little outfit would be a perfect fit for the occasion with the red lips and pretty white floral bodysuit. I had the best day I've had in a while on Thursday with my boo. :)

February 9, 2015

that any day dress

tobi shift dress, missguided chunky white platform heels

Photography by Frankie White

I absolutely love my shift dress from Tobi. I'm so glad I have it just in time for the warm weather we've been having in LA. The love I have for dresses like this is real. Just not having to wear pants and still looking done up is great in general. And an all white outfit look will always make me happy.

Like most people, I get really excited for seasons changing. I'm excited this year in general. Some overwhelming motivation and positivity just came over me and it feels so good. I was talking recently on my twitter about self care. Its so important to really make a point to do what you need to do to soothe your soul. That means different things for different people but once you get into the routine of it, you'll notice a huge change in your life. Ignoring the things you love because you feel stuck in a situation is poisonous.
So, you know, stop that.

February 6, 2015

my movado

the same watch that i wear every day

Photography by by Asia LeMasters

I know that from time to time I mention my watch and I pretty much have worn it in every post for the past couple of years, but, I've never actually talked about it. I love watches. My watch is incredibly special to me because it was given to me by my dad. He wore it for about fifteen years before he gave it to me and before that it was my uncle's. People often ask me about it and I love telling them. I love everything about it. The design, the size, and especially the sentiment.

It has definitely not been easy to be away from my family for the past year. In 2014, I wondered many times whether or not I made the right decision relocating from Florida to California. Every time I doubted myself, I remember all of the obstacles my parents have made it through that lead them to where they are today. My dad came to the states from Iran when he was a teenager during the Iranian revolution to go to school like so many others. Barely knowing English and barely able to speak to his family. If he can make it, I most definitely can make it. I talk to my parents a lot but when I'm not able to, I can always just look at my watch and be reminded of where I came from and all of the possibilities ahead of me.