she wore blue velvet

blue velvet vintage turtleneck shift dress, charlotte russe nude ankle strap heels, gold vintage chain

being that i am a graduate of art school with my bee eff aye (b.f.a.) degree, i enjoy the artsier, edits that my lovely photographer, andrea creates. the colors are so satisfying to my eyeballs. so, yeah, i decided to use all the photos we picked for her to edit. this vintage velvet dress includes both a turtleneck and the loose, shifty-shift dress attributes, both of which i love.


never again.

obesity and speed "never again" tee, h&m boyfriend jeans, white strappy heels

i got my top two wisdom teeth taken out in the beginning of the week. took these photos the day before. my cheeks are still swollen and i'm still eating boring food. someone told me recently that all i care about is food. they were partially correct. honestly, i've only been wearing baggy tee shirts and pants lately... what is a dress? this is actually a reoccurring phenomena in my life. i'll feel like "dressing up" and being all feminine and ~heyyyy~ and then i suddenly feel the opposite and want to hide in a cave of sorts.



floral lace long sleeved shift dress, white pointy toed boohoo heels

my sister gave me this dress for christmas and i loved it immediately. it's not something that i would usually wear but i'm always up for trying new things.


a tunnel lined with yellow light

missguided midi white bodycon dress, missguided black ankle strap heels, missguided jacket

really love the midi length dress. especially this one from missguided. it really hugs your body's curves in all the right places, accentuates in a "classy" way. one of my favorite items in my closet to date. i loved taking these photos. the first photo reminds me of a film still. i loved them so much that i decided to include more photos than usual.