forever 21 pleated white maxi dress, missguided white platform heels

I'm into this dress because it reminded me of some classical Greek sculptures and I feel like a majestic princess or something corny like that when I wear it. I was also told it looks like a bridal shower dress? I don't know. It also comes in red, which I love. Maxi dresses and skirts are just perfect for being too lazy for pants but still looking mighty fancy. How 'bout that World Cup, guys? I was at work during the last game. Did you watch it?

Photos by Andrea Murillo.


baby blue baby

floral crop top, baby blue pants, and white chunky heels all from missguided

I've been experimenting with wearing more colors lately. I love the baby blue and white combination. These pants are pretty awesome. I like wearing them baggy with a crop top. This whole outfit is from Missguided. I am in love with Missguided. If I would wear every single item from their site, I would. While driving around looking for a cute spot to take these photos at, I found these little apartments that matched my color scheme, and I was all "bam." I wish I lived in a cute little pastel colored house or apartment. Maybe sometime.

Photos by Andrea Murillo.


lost queen

forever 21 black cut out one piece swimsuit

In my last post, I mentioned that I went to Malibu with some friends. When I was driving up I was taken back by the beauty of Malibu. It is breathtaking. I can't wait to take advantage of how amazing it is. This was really fun to shoot, also. I almost slipped onto some rocks and died. Worth itttt. About a month ago, I was seeking a new swimsuit within my budget. It was kind of difficult to find on with the cut I was particularly looking for, and then I stumbled upon this one. I fell in love with it immediately. There are a few similar ones below. I wish I would've seen the middle one from ASOS earlier, because I probably would've opted for that one instead.

Photos by Andrea Murillo.



forever 21 activewear mesh hoodie, vintage high waisted denim shorts, hologram silver heels

These pictures are from two weeks or so ago before I went to MALIBU with some friends and I was extremely pale. I didn't even realize how pale I was until I saw these. I'm working on a little tan now...just a little. Nothing too much. When I was in high school, I used to go crazy over being tanner. I think that these are the only denim high waisted shorts that I can wear without being uncomfortable. Also, mesh is the absolute perfect material for summer. Easy, breezy, mesh.

Photos by Andrea Murillo.